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Chapter 10 - Punishment




The Saturday after she had met Mohandas, Margery had a great day out, boating on the river with Phillip, her current boyfriend.  They'd taken a picnic and consummated their luncheon tryst on his blanket beside the river.  A party of four in a passing boat has seen Phillip's bare bum bobbing up and down between her knees above the embankment; and yelled their encouragement.  He was spurred on to finish; and redoubled his efforts. Margery giggled because it reminded her of a Limerick:

It always delights me at Hank's To walk up the old river banks.
One time in the grass I stepped on an arse,
And heard a young girl murmur, Thanks.

So instead of pretending to come when he did, she said just said: "Thanks," in a flat unemotional way.  He was taken aback.  He didn't understand.  Was she being ironic?  His obvious confusion all the way home was so delicious that she's been thinking of new ways of upsetting him ever since.

By the time her alter ego, Kat, arrived late on Saturday evening, Mohandas had been working for thirty hours, with only the briefest of pizza and bathroom breaks, and wasn't making much sense.  She told him as much. 

"You're useless to me in this condition. Go to your bedroom and get undressed.  Now!"

As soon as he was naked he collapsed on his bed and closed his eyes.  He was so tired!

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded, following him in some minutes later.  "You can't go to sleep unpunished."

She'd been jumping his player to the track: 'There is beauty in the bellow of the blast' and setting the first part to repeat.  She slid the wide leather belt from his trousers and doubled it over.  She told him to roll onto his stomach.  She had his remote control that allowed her to raise the volume the music as she liked and she beat him in time to the song, using one arm to hit him while with the other hand she pushed his face down into his pillow to quieten each yell of pain.

There is beauty in the bellow of the blast, thwack
There is grandeur in the growling of the gale, thwack
There is eloquent outpouring, thwack
When the lion is a-roaring, thwack
And the tiger is a-lashing of his tail! thwack

Yes, I like to see a tiger
From the Congo or the Niger,
And especially when lashing of his tail! thwack - really hard

Volcanoes have a splendour that is grim,  thwack
And earthquakes only terrify the dolts, thwack
But to him who's scientific, thwack
There's nothing that's terrific,  thwack
In the falling of a flight of thunderbolts!  thwack

Yes, in spite of all my meekness,
If I have a little weakness,
It's a passion for a flight of thunderbolts! thwack

And then it repeated and repeated and repeated.


As she beat Mohandas Margery experienced the pleasure that she always felt when hurting someone.  But now the pleasure was seasoned deliciously with thoughts of Bianca.  Her teacher, Morag, always insisted that we each find at least one younger apprentice to follow us a generation later.  Suitable candidates have been hard to find but Bianca is just perfect.  The girl is very attractive and not unlike her.  She'll be a wonderful seductress and acolyte when she's been properly recruited and trained.  At last she's found a girl worthy of initiation who might in years to come be led through her degrees in The Craft until she's ready to step up as worshipful mistress.  A warm glow suffused her body, like a delayed sexual climax, as she simultaneously beat Mohandas and imagined future intimate moments with Bianca.

When Mohandas' bottom was satisfactorily crimson she changed sides and beat him with the other arm.  Margery is an ambidextrous thwacker. 

When the first blood appeared she let him up and demanded he pleasure her with his tongue, thwacking him again at each mistake. She's been disappointed in his manly endowments when compared to Phillip so greater skill in other ways is important for Mohandas to perfect.  In any case she often preferred lingua to lingam and this was to be her most satisfying session of the weekend.  But save for his now desperate need to please 'his Kat' it did little to relieve Mohandas' urgent carnal needs.  Anticipating this Margery had brought with her a robotic 'familiar', or assistant, in the form of Pussy, a large fluffy black toy cat. 

Taking Pussy in her arms then lying beside him naked and kissing him deeply to initiate the experience she introduced them.  The robot cat with its wonderful mink-like fur then moved, purring softly, over his body in learning mode, visiting each erogenous zone to nibble or lick or stroke, learning to monitor and heighten his excitement to an extended crescendo under Kat's guidance.  When Margery was satisfied with this foreplay she pressed the programming button before Pussy settled down for the finale.  Pussy's equipped with an electro-stimulation unit of the kind used for 'milking' bulls and rams of semen for artificial insemination. Yet her subtle program is not like a bull in a china shop. Over the next, seemingly interminable, period she proceeded little by little to rob Mohandas of more and more 'ego' until he was hallucinating. 

Margery has had Pussy since she was an apprentice to Morag her teacher.  Pussy was a birthday gift for her fifteenth birthday like a 'soft toy' given to a younger child.  Since that time she has served her mistress faithfully with very little maintenance except firmware upgrades provided by a wicked colleague.  At one time Pussy was a useful source of credit as there is a thriving semi-legal market in human sperm. 

Not every male partner can deliver the goods in sufficient quantity and quality. That's because these days, when a single baby is so precious, the recipient mother will generally want to in-vitro fertilise say a hundred of her ova so she can reject all but two or three of the blastocysts after genetic screening first for known genetic defects and then selecting for desired characteristics.  Final screening will occur after successful implantation or in the delivery room to deliver the perfect child.  That's why every child born today is told that they are 'one in a hundred'.   But Margery knows that the wording of the ad is important.  Parents want a child consistent with their family traditions. Preferably one resembling the putative 'father'.

One of Margery's very successful start-ups was Male Order, a sperm bank that promised delivery, from 'studs' with the desired attributes, anywhere in the world, within 48 hours.  Hunting the appropriate donor and than collecting was fun for a twenty-something and good experience in seducing men but became boring after a time.  

Margery sold the business to an acolyte long ago but might nevertheless offer tonight's harvest on the 'dark web', for old time's sake. 


Medium height; solid muscular build; black hair; light brown skin; brown eyes; no known health issues; intelligent; ethnic origin - India


Margery knows not to mention that he's a Grad. That would immediately limit her market to a mere handful.  But many families originate from India and that's a big positive, along with fitness and medium height.  'Intelligent' comes later as it will not appeal to many.  A child who's too bright can be a burden to an average family:  'Nobody likes a smartarse,' as the saying goes.  Apart from that, Mohandas is in the 'Goldilocks zone':  not too tall; not too short; not too dark; not too white; and will probably fetch a premium price.  Regular milking is now on his agenda.  So across the world, dozens of little Mohandas' will soon be the 'apples of their parents' eye', filling nappies and crying their tiny hearts out, as he soon will be too if Kat has anyting to do with it.

During Mohandas' extended climax 'Kat' had kissed him deeply so that he would associate the whole experience with her.  Then she allowed him to fall into a deep sleep.  After that Margery reset the music and putting her Pussy back in the bag she departed invisibly; her own ego close to exploding, having completely robbed two men of all of theirs in a single afternoon.  From now on, if Kat was not in the mood for that kind of sex, Pussy would stand in for her. Just set and forget. Meanwhile, the deposits would flow to Margery's credit balance.  Perhaps another pair of shoes?

Such material concerns are of little interest to her Kat alter-ego, who is motivated solely by power over others and the erotic thrill it delivers.  She's now more excited by the thought of introducing Mohandas to more of her hardware, to complement her firmware; software; and wetware.

Mohandas had been very sore after his whipping until he discovered that Kat had left him some special cream to rub on his bum that made it go numb.  On Sunday Kat had promised that she would come over and bring lunch.  She didn't turn up. Phillip, had suggested a visit to the Zoo and Margery decided that Kat could wait.  She loves seeing the big cats caged like that, pacing in frustration. 

Mohandas was devastated, wondering if Kat was still angry.  Perhaps she was annoyed by the coding errors he'd made? Could it be over?  Maybe he wouldn't see her again? He didn't think he could bear that.  She was his muse. She even understood how much he had enjoyed her robot cat and had enthusiastically participated in his artificial stimulation, whispering words of encouragement.  So that the cat too had micked her, learning to purr erotically as it went about it's tasks.  He couldn't imagine any of his previous 'up-tight' female acquaintances doing something like that.  He realised that he loved her.  He tried to work in the afternoon but was so distracted he kept rewriting a single function without success. 

Kat eventually turned up late in the evening.  Mohandas was so pleased to see her that he fell to his knees, embracing her lower thighs and pressing his face to her.  He couldn't see the expression of triumph on her face but it wouldn't have mattered. 

After another session with Pussy she told him that given his heritage, as his special Sunday treat, they would try something straight out of the Kama Sutra.  This turned out to be a method for growing his lingam to a more satisfactory size, over a period of weeks. 

When a man wishes to enlarge his lingam, he should rub it with certain insect bristles then rubbing it with oils, before rubbing it again with the bristles.
By continuing to do this a swelling will be gradually produced in the lingam. 
He should then lie on a cot, and cause his lingam to hang down through a hole in the cot.
After this he should take away all the pain from the swelling by using cool concoctions.
The swelling, which is called Suka, is often brought about among the people of the Dravida country, and lasts for life.

The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana


The insect bristles, from some sort of hairy caterpillar, were incredibly painful and afterwards his 'lingam' was so excruciatingly sore that he was not lying when he messaged his supervisor at work that he couldn't come in that day. 

But of course he was lying; on his back, naked from the waist to his knees. 



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I'm a bit daunted writing about Berlin.  

Somehow I'm happy to put down a couple of paragraphs about many other cities and towns I've visited but there are some that seem too complicated for a quick 'off the cuff' summary.  Sydney of course, my present home town, and past home towns like New York and London.  I know just too much about them for a glib first impression.

Although I've never lived there I've visited Berlin on several occasions for periods of up to a couple of weeks.  I also have family there and have been introduced to their circle of friends.

So I decided that I can't really sum Berlin up, any more that I can sum up London or New York, so instead I should pick some aspects of uniqueness to highlight. 

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The Meaning of Death







'I was recently restored to life after being dead for several hours' 

The truth of this statement depends on the changing and surprisingly imprecise meaning of the word: 'dead'. 

Until the middle of last century a medical person may well have declared me dead.  I was definitely dead by the rules of the day.  I lacked most of the essential 'vital signs' of a living person and the technology that sustained me in their absence was not yet perfected. 

I was no longer breathing; I had no heartbeat; I was limp and unconscious; and I failed to respond to stimuli, like being cut open (as in a post mortem examination) and having my heart sliced into.  Until the middle of the 20th century the next course would have been to call an undertaker; say some comforting words then dispose of my corpse: perhaps at sea if I was travelling (that might be nice); or it in a box in the ground; or by feeding my low-ash coffin into a furnace then collect the dust to deposit or scatter somewhere.

But today we set little store by a pulse or breathing as arbiters of life.  No more listening for a heartbeat or holding a feather to the nose. Now we need to know about the state of the brain and central nervous system.  According to the BMA: '{death} is generally taken to mean the irreversible loss of capacity for consciousness combined with the irreversible loss of capacity to breathe'.  In other words, returning from death depends on the potential of our brain and central nervous system to recover from whatever trauma or disease assails us.

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Australia and Empire




The recent Australia Day verses Invasion Day dispute made me recall yet again the late, sometimes lamented, British Empire.

Because, after all, the Empire was the genesis of Australia Day.

For a brief history of that institution I can recommend Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World by Scottish historian Niall Campbell Ferguson.

My choice of this book was serendipitous, unless I was subconsciously aware that Australia Day was approaching.  I was cutting through our local bookshop on my way to catch a bus and wanted something to read.  I noticed this thick tomb, a new addition to the $10 Penguin Books (actually $13). 

On the bus I began to read and very soon I was hooked when I discovered references to places I'd been and written of myself.  Several of these 'potted histories' can be found in my various travel writings on this website (follow the links): India and the Raj; Malaya; Burma (Myanmar); Hong Kong; China; Taiwan; Egypt and the Middle East; Israel; and Europe (a number).  

Over the next ten days I made time to read the remainder of the book, finishing it on the morning of Australia Day, January the 26th, with a sense that Ferguson's Empire had been more about the sub-continent than the Empire I remembered.

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