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Parents Norman & Corinne. PAGEREF _Toc377591262 \h 4

Stace Family. PAGEREF _Toc377591263 \h 5

Norman Edward Stace. PAGEREF _Toc377591264 \h 5

Pioneers of Tasmania & New Zealand. PAGEREF _Toc377591265 \h 14

Stace. PAGEREF _Toc377591266 \h 15

Stace coat of arms. PAGEREF _Toc377591267 \h 18

Lucas. PAGEREF _Toc377591268 \h 19

Pascoe Fawkner. PAGEREF _Toc377591269 \h 25

Bannister. PAGEREF _Toc377591270 \h 27

Peed. PAGEREF _Toc377591271 \h 29

Hall Family. PAGEREF _Toc377591272 \h 32

Corinne Helen Christine Hall PAGEREF _Toc377591273 \h 32

Norman remembers Corinne. PAGEREF _Toc377591274 \h 33

The Hall and Venables family. PAGEREF _Toc377591275 \h 37

The Hall family from Scotland. PAGEREF _Toc377591276 \h 37

Fasham Nairn. PAGEREF _Toc377591277 \h 42

Ancestors. PAGEREF _Toc377591278 \h 42

Origin of the name Fasham Nairn. PAGEREF _Toc377591279 \h 46

Industrialists of Whitechapel Rd, London. PAGEREF _Toc377591280 \h 51

The Importance of Being Luke. PAGEREF _Toc377591281 \h 51

About Whitechapel Road, London. PAGEREF _Toc377591282 \h 54

Whitechapel Bell Foundry. PAGEREF _Toc377591283 \h 56

Cutbush. PAGEREF _Toc377591284 \h 58

Jack the Ripper. PAGEREF _Toc377591285 \h 58

Earliest names in the Hall family tree. PAGEREF _Toc377591286 \h 60

Pontifex. PAGEREF _Toc377591287 \h 60

Nairn. PAGEREF _Toc377591288 \h 60

Remington, Hobbins, Hadley. PAGEREF _Toc377591289 \h 60

Great aunts of the family. PAGEREF _Toc377591290 \h 62

Thora Stace. PAGEREF _Toc377591291 \h 62

Aileen Mary Stace. PAGEREF _Toc377591292 \h 64

Mabel Jessie Stace. PAGEREF _Toc377591293 \h 65

Florence Venables Hall PAGEREF _Toc377591294 \h 67

Annie Hall PAGEREF _Toc377591295 \h 71



[2] Journal of the Early Settlers' and Historical Association of Wellington, Volume I, Issue 2, 1912/13. 3 Journal of the Early Settlers' and Historical Association of Wellington, Volume I, Issue 2, 1912/13.

[5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whitechapel_Bell_Foundry lists the master founders of the Whitechapel Bell Foundry from 1420 to 1997.   

[8] From http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/biographies/5s38/1, Biography note by Julia Brooke-White

[10] NZ Truth on 21 January 1911

[11] Wanganui Chronicle on 10 August 1910






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More Silk Road Adventures - The Caucasus




Having, in several trips, followed the Silk Road from Xian and Urumqi in China across Tajikistan and Uzbekistan our next visit had to be to the Caucuses.  So in May 2019 we purchased an organised tour to Azerbaijan, Georgia and Armenia from ExPat Explore.  If this is all that interests you you might want to skip straight to Azerbaijan. Click here...

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Fiction, Recollections & News

The Cloud





 Chapter 1 - The Party




This morning Miranda had an inspiration - real candles!  We'll have real candles - made from real beeswax and scented with real bergamot for my final party as a celebration of my life and my death. This brief candle indeed!

In other circumstances she would be turning 60 next birthday.  With her classic figure, clear skin and dark lustrous hair, by the standards of last century she looks half her age, barely thirty, the result of a good education; modern scientific and medical knowledge; a healthy diet and lifestyle and the elimination of inherited diseases before the ban on such medical interventions. 

It's ironical that except as a result of accidents, skiing, rock climbing, paragliding and so on, Miranda's seldom had need of a doctor.  She's a beneficiary of (once legal) genetic selection and unlike some people she's never had to resort to an illegal back-yard operation to extend her life. 

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Opinions and Philosophy

Issues Arising from the Greenhouse Hypothesis

This paper was first written in 1990 - nearly 30 years ago - yet little has changed.

Except of course, that a lot of politicians and bureaucrats have put in a lot of air miles and stayed in some excellent hotels in interesting places around the world like Kyoto, Amsterdam and Cancun. 

In the interim technology has come to our aid.  Wind turbines, dismissed here, have become larger and much more economic as have PV solar panels.  Renewable energy options are discussed in more detail elsewhere on this website.



Climate Change

Issues Arising from the Greenhouse Hypothesis


Climate change has wide ranging implications for the World, ranging from its impacts on agriculture (through drought, floods, water availability, land degradation and carbon credits) mining (by limiting markets for coal and minerals processing) manufacturing and transport (through energy costs) to property damage resulting from storms.  The issues are complex, ranging from disputes about the impact of human activities on global warming, to arguments about what should be done and the consequences of the various actions proposed.  The following paper explores some of the issues and their potential impact.


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